Case studies / Creative solutions

Creative solutions

CoffeMe: The way of traveling and seeing new places has changed

How can we create a different travel experience?

Creative idea: Gonzalo Cubas (me), Iñigo Alcorta, Marcel rodriguez
Art Direction / graphics: Gonzalo Cubas, Marcel Rodriguez.


GuayApe: A way to tell creative people that use wild animals in

advertising its not good at all.

Creative Idea, Art direction and graphics: Gonzalo Cubas


Capitán a Bordo (App): A digital ocean that make funnier the first step

in to volunteer programs by being part of a boat crew with

social help missions.

Creative idea: Marcel Rodriguez, Mireia Campos, Gonzalo Cubas (me) and David Gamez
Art Direction: Gonzalo Cubas / Marcel Rodriguez
Illustrations and characters design: Gonzalo Cubas